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Infrared Sport Athlete Timer

The Infrared Sport is a wireless and gateless athletic timing system that has been used everywhere from professional athletes, to university researchers, to parents in their backyard.
It provides a better and more simple way to accurately time 40 yard dashes, agility drills, lap running, or any number of purposes. Use the keypad to navigate on the built-in LCD screen to select a function, hit select, then you’re ready to go. No wires or gates.
Function include: Sprint Timer, Lap and Agility drill timer, Round Timer, optional split timer, and more. Each order comes with the Infrared Sport units, tripods, 8-rung agility ladder, 5 agility cones, and charging cables.
With results down to a thousandth of a second, and WiFi communication up to 350ft, you can take your Infrared Sport anywhere from the court to the field and get precision timing. Watch the demo videos for more!