• Infrared Sport Athlete Timer - Wireless, Gateless, Simple.

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    The Infrared Sport is a patent pending wireless and gateless athletic timing system that has been used everywhere from professional athletes, to university researchers. It provides a better way to accurately time 40 yard dashes, agility drills, lap running, or any number of purposes. Use the keypad to navigate on the screen to a function, hit select, and you're ready to go. Functions include: Sprint Timer, Lap & Agility Timer, Speed Gauge in MPH, Round Timer, Metronome, and Breakbeam.

    Each order comes with the two Infrared Sport units, 2 tripods, 2 tripod mounts, an 8-rung agility ladder, 5 agility cones, a guide with 5 example timed drills, a wall charger and 2 charging cables. With results down to a thousandth of a second, and a WiFi communication distance up to 377 feet, you can take your Infrared Sport anywhere from the court to the field and get precision timing and results. View the video below for a live demonstration:

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