• Grip Chalk: Premium Liquid Chalk

    "Amazing chalk!! Did its job, very satisfied. Highly recommend"

    -Satisfied Customer

    " One application holds well on my hands for several sets, then washes off easily."

    -Satisfied Customer

    Grip Chalk is a smarter way to chalk up for sport and exercise. Stored in a convenient squeeze bottle, put a dime-sized amount on your hand, spread it, and watch as it immediately dries into a smooth coat of chalk that lasts longer than powder chalk, killing germs in the process with its alcohol base. No more making a mess with chalk bags, keep a bottle in your gym bag or pocket and you'll always be prepared. Step your grip up with Grip Chalk.

    Choose from:

    2oz bottle (59.15ml) - 75+ applications

    16oz bottle (473.18ml) - 600+ applications

    10ml bottle - 10+ applications

    Ships to US Customers Only, use contact form for questions.